Timothy Meyers


Timothy Meyers is a Cybersecurity Principal at a government contractor in the Washington, DC area. Timothy has spent the last 15+ years in the military, technical management, and cybersecurity working under various roles: Infantryman – US Army, Electronic Engineer – USAF, Cyber Defense – USAF, IT Security & Communication Specialist – BNSF, Application Security Engineer – Seagate, Security Operations Center (SOC) Manager – IBM Cloud, Pen Test Manager – IBM Cloud, Cyber Security Technical Leadership – Accenture Federal Services.

Timothy was the 5th individual in the state of Oklahoma to become certified as a forensic examiner with EnCase-Guidance. Timothy also helped train the 8th individual in the state of Oklahoma to become certified with Encase. Timothy has been inducted into Google’s Hall of Fame for discovering several critical vulnerabilities relating to Google products and services. Timothy’s hobbies are computer forensics, exploit development, application security (bug hunting), and spending time with his family.